FCI (Singapore) has announced the PwrBlade+ power connector has completed its long-term reliability tests when cross-mated with the TE Connectivity Multi-Beam XLE connector series. The FCI PwrBlade+ and TE Multi-Beam XLE connectors provide customers with the added satisfaction of a pre-certified second source, mutually qualified to a common test specification.

The PwrBlade+ connector is a next generation AC-DC power distribution connector system for demanding applications requiring higher linear current density and low power loss. It is capable of 192 A/linear inch with eight adjacent high power contacts energized simultaneously and ≤ 0.7 mΩ power contact resistance after environmental exposure. The PwrBlade+ connector builds on the PwrBlade connector's proven technology but includes enhancements to achieve increased performance and density in a more compact package. The high power contact features an optimized beam design and material property enhancements that significantly increase linear current density making it ideal for next generation 1 and 2 U servers, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment, and datacom/networking equipment.

  • High power contact option (up to 75A/contact; 30°C temperature rise in still air) for cost-effective power delivery in 1 and 2 U power supplies or power distribution applications.
  • Low power contact option (up to 49A/contact; 30°C temperature rise in still air) for applications with multiple voltages and lower power requirements.
  • Highly vented housing design maximizes heat dissipation for effective system cooling.
  • Half-bullet guides offer a reduced connector footprint.
  • Large operating temperature range (-40° to +125°C) for extreme environments.
  • Right angle and co-planar options are available with both power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control.

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