Cypress Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) [NASDAQ: CY] has introduced a new product family from its PSoC 4 architecture that offers a low-cost, entry-level 32-bit ARM-based system-on-chip for quick, simple upgrades of legacy 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs. The PSoC 4000 family delivers PSoC’s hallmark design flexibility, along with CapSense, Cypress’s industry-leading capacitive sensing technology, to cost-sensitive and high-volume applications. PSoC 4000 devices have a truly scalable architecture that enables seamless migration to larger PSoC 4 families. Features include:

  • A footprint of 3 x 3 x 0.6 mm.
  • A downloadable PSoC Creator Integrated Design Environment (IDE).
  • Up to 16 CapSense I/Os that can be used to implement buttons, sliders, and proximity sensors.
  • A signal-to-noise ratio > 100:1.
  • An operating range from 1.71 to 5.5 V.

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