NIC Components (Melville, NY) has announced the addition of NSPE-A series, of surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, to its growing family of hybrid construction capacitors. NSPE-A series is ideal for use as alternates to solid polymer, or MLCCs type capacitors in DC-DC, POL, VRM and power management applications requiring high voltage and stability. Features include:

  • 10,000 hours load life rating.
  • Ultra-low ESR and high current ratings.
  • Superior performance at low temperatures (-55°C).
  • Low leakage current and self-healing advantage over solid polymer types.
  • Temperature range : -55°C ~ +105°C.
  • Capacitance : 10uF ~ 330uF.
  • Capacitance tolerance : ±20%.
  • Low ESR (from 0.020Ω).
  • High ripple current ratings (to 2.5Arms).

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