America Semiconductor (Union, NJ) announced the availability of a full series of power Zener diodes (part numbers: 1N3305 thru 1N3350) packaged in a DO-5 case. The robust 50 Watt devices are engineered to provide voltage regulation protection in a broad array of alternative energy, oil drilling, power grid, welding, HVAC, and transportation applications. Features include:

  • A ruggedized, hermetically sealed DO-5 package.
  • Solderable terminals, corrosion resistant external surfaces, and a cavity-free glass-passivated junction to enhance the reverse voltage resistance and reduce leakage. 
  • 46 voltages ranging from 6.8 V to 200 V. 
  • An operating temperature range of -65° C to +175° C.
  • A low forward voltage (VF max = 1.5 V).

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