Freescale Semiconductor (Austin, TX) has introduced two new Airfast RF power solutions that cover all major cellular infrastructure bands and deliver industry-leading gain in a compact package. The AFT27S006N is the next-generation follow-on to the popular MW6S004N product – the industry’s workhorse driver deployed broadly in world-class wireless infrastructure installations worldwide. Freescale is also adding a higher power device to this family, called the AFT27S010N. Features include:

  • AFT27S006N: 6 W of peak power.
  • AFT27S010N: 10 W of peak power.
  • Frequency range (700 to 2,700 MHz).
  • Single-stage gain (20 to 24 dB).
  • Ultra-small footprint package (PLD-1.5 W).

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