Powervation (San Jose, CA) has announced that its PV3012 digital controller has been adopted by leading power supply manufacturer, Bellnix Co. (Ireland) for use in a new low-profile, 60 A DC-DC module. The BDP12-0.6S60R0 digital power module is a PMBus compliant, non-isolated step-down converter that is designed for today’s Communications and Computing applications, and addresses the needs for small form-factor designs while providing high reliability and high performance. Features include:

  • A low-profile, 10-mm form-factor. 
  • A PV3012 digital 2-phase controller.
  • Parallel BDP module operation.
  • A compact 32.8 x 23.0 mm ROHS compliant SMD package design.
  • An output voltage accuracy of ±0.5%.

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