RFMW announces sales support for a USB controlled, RF, digital step attenuator from Telemakus. The TEA13000-12 is based on an analog circuit driven by a 16-bit ADC providing extremely fine control down to ~0.03 dB step size. This fine resolution of the TEA13000-12 is needed for applications requiring cancellation or automatic level control (ALC) functions. Covering a broad bandwidth, the Telemakus TEA13000-12 features:

  • Span of 100 to 13 GHz.
  • 2 dB typical insertion loss.
  • 30 dB dynamic range.
  • Size not much larger than a standard thumb drive.
  • Weight less than an ounce.

Its small size belies its functionality as the device uses on-board flash memory to store a user friendly graphical interface that runs on Windows based PCs. The internal memory also stores a user guide and example APIs for use in designing customer specific ATE systems that are easily configured using additional Telemakus USB controlled products such as synthesized signal generators, power meters, switches, amplifiers, and vector modulators. Each Telemakus USB controlled test device comes with a 3 foot long, high retention force USB cable, T-CABLE-3, which is factory recommended for consistent, repeatable operation.

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