Richardson RFPD (La Fox, IL) recently announced availability and full design support capabilities for two new high-frequency vertical diffusion metal oxide semiconductor (VDMOS) MOSFETs from Microsemi. The new high-power, high breakdown voltage, common source configuration devices offer excellent stability and low intermodulation distortion (IMD). Constructed with nitride passivated chips, gold metallization and gold wire bonds for high reliability, they are available in thermally-enhanced packages.

The new MOSFETs are designed for industrial, scientific and medical applications and other broadband commercial and military applications requiring high power and gain without compromised reliability, ruggedness, or inter-modulation distortion.

Key features of the 50V, 400W, 150 MHz VRF2944 include:

  • Improved ruggedness V(BR)DSS = 170V.
  • 400W with 22 dB typical gain @ 30 MHz, 50V.
  • 3:1 Load VSWR capability at specified operating conditions
  • Can operate up to 65V.
  • Key features of the 100V, 300W, 150 MHz VRF3933 include:
  • Improved ruggedness V(BR)DSS = 250V.
  • 300W with 22 dB typical gain @ 30 MHz, 100V.
  • 3:1 Load VSWR capability at specified operating conditions.

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