IEE (Van Nuys, CA) now offers a rugged, 25.5” WUXGA display with 1980x1200 resolution offering 10 percent more height than a standard full HD monitor. This display has been designed within IEE’s enhance lifecycle management program to ensure its availability for a minimum of seven years, a key benefit for IEE’s industrial and military/aerospace customers.

The lightweight, machined aluminum unit is constructed for a variety of rugged applications, especially airborne consoles and mobile command stations. The front-facing, sealed OSD switches withstand harsh environmental elements, while providing full control of display parameters, including brightness, contrast, size, and position.

The high resolution and wide 25.5” viewing area offers exceptional flexibility for simultaneous access to critical information. In one application, full HD content can run concurrently and unobstructed with 12 lines of “banner text” along the bottom of the screen.

In cases where this display is used as a replacement or technology enhancement in existing systems, the WUXGA resolution can be configured to replicate multiple legacy 4:3 displays within screen partitions or tiles.  The display accepts two DVI video inputs that the user can easily toggle between using panel keys.

Technical Features:

  • Native luminance of 350 cd/m2.
  • Contrast ratio of 1500:1.
  • Digitally-controlled dimming system with a 250:1 ratio.
  • Operating temperature of -20 to +70° C.
  • Typical power consumption of 45 W.
  • MTBF is more than 40,000 hours.
  • Dual, switchable DVI digital video interface, implemented via a military-grade circular connector.


  • High-bright 600 to 800 cd/m2 for daylight readability.
  • NVIS goggle compatible bezel and display backlighting.
  • Touch screen technologies including surface capacitive (SCAP), projected capacitive (PCAP), infrared (IR) and resistive.
  • Photoptic Feedback System for automatic dimming capabilities.

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