B&B Electronics (Ottawa, IL) has expanded its family of Vlinx Modbus Communications Gateways with the MESP211, a low-cost, compact gateway designed to convert Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU serial signals into Modbus TCP Ethernet. The MESP211 connects Modbus devices to Ethernet networks to monitor and control Modbus devices from anywhere on the Ethernet LAN or WAN, and flexible configuration allows serial and Ethernet, Masters and Slaves.


  • Design for harsh environments and cramped spaces.
  • Measures 3.1 x 0.9 x 2.0 in.
  • -40 - 80 °C operating temperature.
  • 61000-6-2 EMC level 3 for harsh environments.
  • IEC60068-2-27 for shock.
  • -6 for vibration.
  • -32 for free fall.
  • Rugged IP30 metal case that is panel (standard) or DIN rail mountable (with optional adapters).

Applications include temperature control equipment, HVAC systems, industrial PLCs, power sub-metering, and communications to solar trackers and inverters.

B&B Electronics’ signature Vlinx Manager Software – the same advanced software that comes with the company’s higher-end Vlinx MESR900 and MESR400 Modbus Gateways – installs on the user’s PC, allowing for remote management of the MESP211 over a LAN or WAN via the built-in web server. Users can take advantage of Modbus messaging priority control and view messaging status in real time via the built-in traffic monitor.

The one-port MESP211 Modbus Gateway works with RS-232/422/485 serial signals and is available in two models: the MESP211D offers a DB9 Male connector while the MESP211T offers a Terminal Block connector.  Both models are Euro 160.13 (MSRP), carry a limited lifetime warranty, and are available directly from B&B Electronics and all of its distribution partners.

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