Ventev Wireless Infrastructure (Hunt Valley, MD) recently announced its new line of TerraWave Solutions High-Density Antennas that reliably addresses the ever-increasing challenges of Wi-Fi deployment in stadiums, convention centers, campuses, city centers, airports, manufacturing facilities, and other locales with high densities of wireless clients. These next-generation antennas increase capacity and optimize coverage for Wi-Fi users in large public and private venues, whether indoor or outdoor.

Wi-Fi-capable devices such as smartphones and tablets are creating a dramatic acceleration in data traffic and pushing networks to their limits, especially in the case of large concentrations of simultaneous users. The TerraWave High-Density Antennas offer a narrower, focused beam of coverage that enables stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi signals, reduces channel-to-channel interference, and increases capacity in such environments.

The highest-performing TerraWave High-Density 2.4/5 GHz Patch Antenna is suitable for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor deployments. It features:


  • A narrow 35-degree beamwidth (compared with the traditional 50-80 degrees).
  • A high gain (14 dBi versus 6-10 dBi) that enables a greater distance between the antenna and users.
  • The 2.4/5 GHz 10/11 dBi narrow-bandwidth TerraWave Ceiling-Mount High-Density Antenna for indoor applications features an inconspicuous in-ceiling tile mount that camouflages the Wi-Fi access point for improved aesthetics and increased security. It is specifically designed for indoor applications such as convention centers, auditoriums, large warehouses, and factories.

The new line of antennas supports all of the industry’s leading access points, including Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Meru Networks, and Motorola Solutions, among others. The antennas feature a broad range of technical specifications (gain, beamwidth, number of ports) and offer a variety of mounting options (ceiling, wall, mast/pole, under the seat) to ensure the right product is selected for the right application.

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