Tycon Wireless (Bluffdale, Utah) announces the release of the EZ-Bridge Ultra2-LR 2.4 GHz 802.11 g/n wireless point-to-point plug and play bridge system.


  • Real world throughput up to 100 Mbit per second.
  • Useable range up to 8+ miles with the integrated 18 dBi antenna.
  • Very compact at less than 16" overall diameter.
  • Can mount directly to a pole with a diameter up to 2.25" or to a vertical surface such as a wall, tower leg or telephone pole with the included universal wall mount bracket.
  • 250 mW transmit power system.
  • Meets 802.11 g/n industry standards for interoperability.
  • comes with two integrated radio/antennas, UV protected radome to protect the antennas and provide more consistent performance in the presence of ice and snow, two 75' rolls of outdoor rated shielded CAT5 cable assemblies, two 110/220 VAC to 24 VDC Power Over Ethernet power supply/injectors and two universal wall mount brackets.

The bridge system is preconfigured to be truly plug and play. Just connect the cables and power supplies and connect to a router, hub, switch, PC or any other Ethernet enabled device and the EZ-Bridge Ultra2-LR will automatically create a bridged connection. The advanced full function software creates a transparent bridge, passing MAC, VLAN, and VOIP traffic seamlessly. The built-in antenna alignment utility helps to get peak performance by optimizing antenna gain during installation. The antennas can be installed with horizontal or vertical polarity to help avoid any existing interference at the site.

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