Taoglas USA (San Diego, CA) recently launched the RG.01, a quad band road marker cellular antenna. This road marker antenna solution is used in Botts’ dots, the non-reflective raised pavement marker found on many U.S. roads. This robust antenna:

  • Covers frequencies from 800 to 960 MHz and 1700 to 1990Mhz, for 2 and 3 G CDMA, GSM, and GPRS. 
  • Has a 915 Mhz ISM and 2.4 GHz ISM band version.
  • Is ideal for use in underground M2M applications such as telemetry units, water meters, and gas and flood detection systems. 
  • Is designed to sit parallel to the road or manhole covers so it can live inside the Botts’ dots and not be affected by metal or the road underneath it. The black epoxy used to stick the dots to the road acts as a natural clearance area and allows the antenna to radiate efficiently. 
  • Was tuned inside to accommodate for the effects of the epoxy and the road underneath.
  • Uses special cable and connector materials with higher specifications that are more resistant to underground gases, such as H2s to eliminate material corrosion.

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