Ritron (Carmel, IN) introduces the PT-150M, a professional-grade license-free portable 2-way radio. Operating in the VHF MURS frequency band, the PT-150M allows business-only users to operate license free at 2 Watts, anywhere within the US.  This saves customers the hassle and expense of licensing typical associated with “FCC Part 90 business band” radio frequencies, and provides out-of-the-box functionality and simplicity for retail locations, manufacturing environments, schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and more.

There are 5 MURS frequencies – including two made popular by Ritron’s JOBCOM brand radio line, the “blue dot” (154.570) and “green dot” (154.600) frequencies.

The PT-150M features:

  • 8-channel capacity, which allows maximum use of all 5 MURS frequencies plus re-use of 3 frequencies for additional work groups, etc. 
  • A 2 Watt transmitter, adequate for up to 2 mile range, line-of-sight, no obstructions, or 250,000 sq. ft. indoors range. 
  • A 1,000 mW speaker, providing easy-to-hear clarity and volume for even noisy environments. 
  • A slim, lightweight design – ergonomic and easy to carry and use.
  • 7 Character alphanumeric display, providing easy-to-read icons showing battery status, channel scan On/Off, Keypad Lock On/Off, and more.
  • Nine programmable function buttons, allowing access to backlit keypad, additional features in the radio (scan On/Off, keypad lock/unlock, channel scroll up/down, send a Call Tone, etc).  
  • Rugged MIL STD 810F rating.
  • IP65 resistance rating against dust and water.
  • Clamp-on audio accessory connector for long, trouble-free service.

Each PT radio comes complete with antenna, Lithium-Ion battery, spring-action belt clip, drop-in charging stand, and AC adapter. Optional accessories include: a 6-unit gang charger, remote speaker microphone, lightweight ear set and nylon carry holster.

Basic radio parameters (e.g. tone signaling by channel) are field-configurable using buttons on the PT-150M radio - no tools are required. Free PC programming software (available from the Ritron web site) along with optional purchase of custom programming cable from Ritron, allows users full programming of all radio parameters, i.e. shuffling the 5 MURS frequencies to amongst the 8 possible channels and “tagging” channels on the radio (within 7 characters alphanumeric combo max) such as OPERAT or SECURTY.

The PT-150M is compatible with other VHF radios operating on MURS frequencies and will provide a range of 1 mile + line-of-sight range, no obstructions. Indoor range is approximately 250,000 sq. ft. Actual range is dependent on building structure and obstructions. 

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