Radio Frequency Systems (Meriden, CT) recently announced the availability of a new RF X-TREME base station antenna designed for the 700 MHz spectrum. Available in a true 4ft or 6ft antenna length, the multi-band antenna provides high-performance triple-band capability in a compact dual-band package.

The RF X-TREME base station antenna platform provides a high gain and cross polar discrimination combined with an excellent vertical pattern control, enabling more capacity and better throughput. With RF X-TREME, RFS provides the capacity of three full band antennas by orienting them side by side to achieve high gain and optimal performance in a single package.

RF X-TREME base station antennas are an ideal choice for site upgrades and new deployments where three frequency bands are used to add capacity or increase coverage.  Support for LTE 700 and MIMO 4xRx diversity makes the platform a particularly good choice for the many current or proposed LTE sites throughout Canada.

4xRX diversity allows the radio more options to pick up the strongest signal, and is currently being used in LTE network designs from top North American operators with an Rx signal improvement of 3-5dB. The RF X-TREME platform is also designed for low wind-load to minimize tower loading. RF X-TREME:

  • Provides full-band coverage on every port to enable operators to implement 4xRx diversity and 4xMIMO on any of the higher frequency bands, providing excellent cell-edge performance with 30% fewer base stations.
  • Supports multiple bands, including LTE 700, CDMA 850, PCS 1900, and AWS 2100, with no compromises in electrical performance.
  • Is 100% tested for PIM, isolation, and VSWR prior to shipment for high call quality and a reduced number of dropped calls.

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