Pulse Electronics (San Diego, CA) introduces an ultra-thin near field communications (NFC) ferrite sheet antenna. The antenna is 28 percent thinner than the previous version and still meets the EMVCo specification of 40 mm. It enables NFC connectivity to mobile devices for payment sharing, credential storage and exchange, accessing and controlling data, and wirelessly connecting to tags. 

Pulse Electronics' NFC antennas:

  • Are custom-made to fit the mechanical specifications of a variety of mobile devices. 
  • Are 35 x 50 x 0.133 mm in size.
  • Operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. 
  • Have contacts side-by-side in the antenna area for easier implementation and to fit more compactly. 
  • Have a 2 x 2 mm pad size. 
  • Are not affected by close proximity to metal or a battery. The magnetic field strength of the antenna is optimized by ferrite material type and thickness selection and the radiator pattern. 
  • Are compatible with several chipsets and can be used for several mobile devices like handsets, phablets, and tablets. 

Pulse Electronics' NFC ferrite sheet antennas are RoHS compliant and ready for volume manufacture. The antennas are backed by Pulse's global customer support and in-house NFC testing and measurement capabilities. 

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