Pulse Electronics (San Diego, CA) has announced in-house capability to integrate passive surface mount technology (SMT) components on 3D laser direct structuring (LDS) antennas. Incorporating SMT components with the 3D LDS antenna structure saves space on the mobile device's printed circuit board and optimizes the use of available space on the antenna. The antenna can be matched and tested as one RF unit prior to phone assembly and frequency variants, tuning, and late optimization changes can be done quickly and cost effectively. This avoids costly rework or rebuild of the mobile device's main PCB and improves time-to-market.

Pulse Electronics' LDS antennas are high-performance RF antennas. LDS is a 3D antenna manufacturing technology created when a laser beam transfers the antenna design directly onto a molded 3D surface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available SMT on LDS, Flex, and 3D printed antennas.
  • Matching circuitry moved from the device PWB to antenna structure or radiator.
  • Applicable for standard lead-free, passive matching components.
  • Like inductors, capacitors, and connectors.
  • Low temperature solder paste used.
  • Based on right material selection and high performing process.
  • The best results achieved by close co-operation between RF and mechanical design.
  • Space saving on mobile device PWB.
  • Optimal utilization of available space for antenna.
  • Complete RF performance testing prior phone assembly.
  • Frequency variants quickly and cost effectively.
  • Time-to-market by easy tuning.
  • Late design optimization and changes.
  • Minimized scrap cost.
  • Very significant role in complex, multiband RF designs.
  • Available even at very high volumes.

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