Skyworks Solutions introduces a low noise amplifier with high linearity and excellent return loss, drawing as low as 5 mA of bias current.  Target applications include general purpose ISM band and high frequency wireless metering, sensors, microphones, military, and battery-powered solutions. The amplifiers are also ideal for receiver applications that require lower NF and higher linearity than typically provided by low power silicon germanium LNAs. This device can also be used for applications requiring portable VHF and ISM band equipment.


  • Internal active bias circuitry for stable performance over temperature and process variation. 
  • Externally adjustable supply current between 5 - 20 mA. 
  • Noise Figure of 0.80 dB, 17.5 dB Gain, and 25 dBm OIP3 achievable at 0.25 GHz with 3.3V supply and 18 ma of bias current. 
  • Can be biased from 1.8 to 5V and will still achieve an OIP3 of 16 dBm and 12 dBm OP1dB with only 5 mA of bias current from 3.3V supply. This LNA is ideal for use in battery powered wireless transceivers. 
  • Frequency range of 30 to 300 MHz.

Associated evaluation board is optimized for operation at 250 MHz (evaluation boards optimized for different voltages and frequency ranges are available upon request). For the 433 MHz ISM band we recommend the pin-compatible SKY67012-396LF, for 866 & 915 MHz ISM band operation we recommend the pin compatible SKY67013-396LF, and for the 2450 MHz ISM band the SKY67014-396LF. All these LNAs are manufactured in a compact, 2 x 2 mm, 8-pin Dual Flat (DFN) package and are categorized as Skyworks Green.

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