MACOM (Lowell, MA) has announced an integrated core chip for the 8 – 11 GHz frequency range. Containing 6-bits of phase control, 6-bits of attenuation control and 26 dB of gain, MACOM’s Core Chip is an easy to use serial/parallel interface in a surface mount QFN package. Ideal for commercial radar applications, this integrated MMIC enables radar systems in early detection and warning for severe impending weather. 

The X-Band Core Chip (MAMF-011015) features:

  • CMOS logic driver with a GaAs Transmit/Receive MMIC within a single QFN package.
  • Surface mount 7 x 7 mm plastic package offering a cost-effective, easy to implement solution.
  • Versatility and flexibility for weather, wildfire, and related commercial radar applications.

The X-Band Core Chip development is a product of a joint investment between MACOM and FIRST RF Corporation to support new weather radar programs such as the Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) Weather Radar Program. CASA is a multi-sector partnership among academia, industry, and government - dedicated to engineering revolutionary weather-sensing networks. These innovative networks save lives and property by detecting the region of the lower atmosphere currently below conventional radar range - mapping storms, winds, rain, temperature, humidity, and the flow of airborne hazards.

The packaged device comprises of a common leg circuit which includes digital attenuators, phase shifters, a low noise receive chain, and a transmit driver amplifier, as well as a CMOS logic driver. This integrated circuit utilizes MACOM’s advanced 0.25um PHEMT process, which has been optimized for high power and low noise amplifiers, passive and control components and allows for a high level of integration on a single MMIC.

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