Talley (Los Angeles, CA) offers a fiber-plus-power system that bundles all signal and power cabling elements required for installing a functional FTTA system into a single enclosure. Developed in cooperation with FiberSource and CONEC, the Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system saves significant installation time and money, maximizes integrity of the installation, and reduces future maintenance costs.

The Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system is designed for maximum efficiency for installing technicians, with plug-and-play assembly input cables that install directly to the box, thus avoiding the need to access the distribution box interior. The system can be installed in a single day, compared to a three-day installation using competing products.

Utilizing a NEMA 4X-rated fiber + power distribution box and application-specific connectors, the FTTA system is built for harsh conditions and available in a one-stop shop package to help customers easily design and connect the whole tower from conception through installation to operation.

Talley’s versatile Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system connects incoming tower trunk fiber and DC power cables to individual ODVA 2 or optional ODC-compatible, fiber output radiohead feeder cables and DC power cables. The fiber-plus-power distribution enclosure is typically mounted at the top and bottom of a tower or on a rooftop at the sector frames and H-frame. These enclosures can feed up to 24 radioheads.

The rugged Fiber+Power-to-the-Antenna system features:

  • Compatibility with existing tower architecture.
  • Robust components which maximize uptime and significantly reduce installation time while minimizing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Robust OSP fiber cables that stand up over time (3x thicker than normally specified fiber cables).
  • An efficient fiber-plus-power distribution cabinet from FiberSource and IP67-rated connectors from CONEC.
  • Design built for applications involving the environmental conditions relative to cell towers.

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