Carlo Gavazzi (Buffalo Grove, IL) has announced its new generation of proportional output 3-phase controllers, the RGC2P and RGC3P Series. This series covers 3-phase solid state switching controllers that deliver output power in proportion to the control input voltage or current as well as external potentiometer. The RGC2P Series consists of a 3-phase, 2-pole switching device which offers an economical means of switching, because it only switches L1 and L3. The RGC3P Series consists of 3-phase, 3-pole switching devices. Main technical features include:

  • 3-phase solid state switching devices.
  • A proportional output controller.
  • A multi-voltage range from  180 to 660 VAC.
  • An operational current up to 75 A (RGC2P) & 65 A (RGC2P).
  • Amperage ratings that are based on 40°C.
  • Optional system monitoring.
  • UL listed, 100kA UL508, and CE.

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