API Technologies (Orlando, FL; Nuremburg, Germany) recently announced the addition of a new standard 44 GHz millimeterwave (MMW) amplifier to its family of products. It features an ultra-high frequency, two-stage design for high gain and medium power, and is enclosed in a rugged laser welded SMA-connectorized housing.

The new amplifier (model BXHF1075) offers both high efficiency, and extreme stability, with:

  • 13 dB of return loss.
  • 30 dB of gain.
  • +17 dBm of output power.
  • +15 V supply.
  • Internal voltage regulator to accommodate either +12 or +15 V. 
  • -40° to +85° C temperature range.

The amplifier is ideally suited for demanding military requirements and high-end commercial applications such as microwave synthesizers, receivers, millimeter-wave telemetry systems, uplink communication platforms, instrumentation, and military communication systems.

Using a hermetic seal laser welded package, the new 44 GHz MMW amplifier is able to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions, and is configurable for most military airborne and ground based applications. With field replaceable 2.4 mm connectors, the amplifier is well suited as either a modular or customer specific solutions or with a standard connector interface.

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