Acopian (Easton, PA) announces the expansion of its 1U AC-DC programmable power supply portfolio to include an extensive family of 450W 1U programmable single-output AC-DC power supplies. 


  • Offered in rack and benchtop models.
  • Available in 135 different voltage ratings spanning from 1–135 Vdc.
  • Current ratings up to 40 A. 
  • High efficiency.
  • High-density.
  • Engineered to satisfy the requirements of a broad array of OEM, industrial, and laboratory applications including automated test equipment (ATE), water purification, electro plating, product development, industrial controls, motor controls, and cathodic protection.
  • Accommodates the universal AC input voltage of 95 – 265VAC, 49 – 420Hz.
  • Active power factor correction (PFC) of 0.99 ensures operation in challenging AC environments and compliance with European EMC requirements.
  • Configurable units with an optional fixed auxiliary output of between 3.3Vdc and 125Vdc, up to 180W.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive front panel supports reliable linear controls for precise adjustment and optional digital LED voltage and current meters. 
  • Voltage and current monitor outputs and provisions for N+1 redundancy and paralleling for higher current are also optionally available. 
  • Pluggable connectors facilitate quick and easy wiring of control and input leads.
  • PFC, universal input, built-in over voltage protection (OVP), and constant current control provide further flexibility. 
  • Features short circuit and overload protection, "soft start" and "no load" operation, internal EMI filtering, thermal protection, remote sensing and RFI shielding.
  • Operates in a constant-current or constant-voltage mode.
  • Digital interfaces, including RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB, are available upon request.

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