IEE (Van Nuys, CA) now offers a rugged, ARM-based 10.4” TFT XGA thin-client display that can be custom-tailored for harsh military environments. The display includes the following features:

  • A dual mode backlight system supporting variable reading modes from a high bright mode of 600 cd/m2 to NVIS lighting for dark environments.
  • An optimized contrast ratio through the use of specialized surface treatments and optically clear bonding throughout the display stack-up.
  • A high-resolution 5-wire resistive touchscreen, optically bonded to the LCD, or with a 16 pushbutton bezel for extremely flexible function control.
  • An I cache and D cache of 32 KB each, enabling simultaneous instruction and data fetching to improve the display’s performance.
  • 512 MB internal memory of 16-bit wide DDR3-800 SDRAM, which speeds up data transfers.
  • 512 MB of 8-bit wide SLC NAND Flash, which increases write speeds.
  • Up to 6 USB ports to connect peripheral devices (such as a keyboard, a mouse, or a memory stick) to the unit.
  • An operating temperature range from -46° to +70°C.
  • A lightweight aluminum housing that measures 7.8” (H) x 11.6” (W) x 3.0” (D).

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