Schurter (Santa Rosa, CA) now offers added seal protection to its successful 5707 series power entry module. A new seal kit provides an IP54 rating between the inlet and cord connector, preventing dust or splashing water from entering between them, when the equipment is plugged in. The unit already carries an IP65 rating, protecting against ingress of dust and jetting water at the panel opening, around the screws and fuseholders, connector pins, and housing.

The 5707 power entry module integrates:

  • IEC style C14 or C18 appliance inlet.
  • 1- or 2-pole fuseholders.
  • Standard or medical line filter.

The power entry module is especially popular for use in medical equipment. Other applications include equipment exposed to the outdoors, as well as food service equipment. The 5707 is ideal for:

  • Use in applications subject to washing and disinfecting.
  • Replacing other assembly intensive and expensive methods to achieve the same result.
  • Protecting against leaks and drips while the equipment is in operation.

Independent testing laboratories have examined and confirmed the reliability of the new sealing kits according to IEC 60529. To ensure the tightness of IP 54 with these sealed versions in actual use, the safety bracket or retaining bail included in the kit must be used to secure the cord set to the equipment. The IP54 seal protection is also available for SCHURTER’s basic AC inlet, IEC style C14, series 6100-3. Both 5707 and 6100-3 are cURus and ENEC approved.

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