Hittite Microwave (Chelmsford, MA) has introduced a new reflective, Single Pole Four Throw (SP4T) switch that is ideal for demanding applications requiring broadband performance, low insertion loss, fast switching speed, and high power handling capability.

The HMC1084LC4 is a broadband reflective GaAs MESFET SP4T switch with the following features:

  • Provides frequency coverage from 23 to 30 GHz.
  • Controlled with 0/-3V logic.
  • Exhibits fast switching speed of 15 ns (rise and fall times).
  • Consumes much less DC current than PIN diode based solutions.
  • Input signal of 30 GHz,  exhibiting 11 dB return loss, 26 dB isolation, and only 2.8 dB insertion loss.
  • Capable of handling high power levels in excess of +27 dBm, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including telecom infrastructure, sensors, microwave radio, SATCOM, antenna arrays, and test instrumentation.
  • Housed in a compact leadless 4x4 mm ceramic SMT package.
  • Compatible with surface mount manufacturing techniques.
  • Complements Hittite’s extensive line of single, double, and multi-throw MMIC switches with frequency coverage from DC to 86 GHz.

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