Parallel nvSRAM Chosen for Best-in-Class Speed, Reliability,  and Lower Voltage Operation to Help Enable Higher Performance Storage

Cypress Semiconductor (San Jose, CA) announced that LSI has selected Cypress’ parallel nonvolatile Static Random Access Memories (nvSRAMs) for its new 12Gb/s SAS Host Bus Adapters (HBA) for high-performance servers, workstations, and external storage systems. The nvSRAMs provide the SAS HBAs with high-speed and low-voltage fail-safe memory that enhances LSI’s solutions. LSI also chose the parallel nvSRAM for its flexibility to operate at different voltages and for its established track record as a journal memory.

Cypress’s parallel nvSRAMs:

  • Offer access times as low as 25 ns.
  • Feature infinite read, write, and recall cycles, with 20-year data retention.
  • Are available in densities from 256 kb to 8 Mb in multiple configurations.
  • Operate over full industrial temperature grade.
  • Are available in industry-standard packages such as 32-SOIC, 44-TSOPII, 48-SSOP, 48-FBGA, and 54-TSOPII.
  • Are manufactured on its SONOS (Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded nonvolatile memory technology.
  • Are ideal for applications requiring high performance and absolute nonvolatile data security such as RAID systems, PLCs, industrial data loggers, computing and networking systems, motor drives, routers and switches, avionics, defense systems, and gaming systems.
  • Use the technology in Cypress’ flagship PSoC mixed-signal arrays, programmable clocks, and other products.
  • Use charge stored on an external capacitor instead of a battery, making the devices compatible with standard PCB assembly processes.
  • Are ROHS-compliant and directly replace SRAM and battery-backed SRAM (BBSRAM) products, offering fast non-volatile data storage.
  • Offer high-speed data transfer In networking, industrial, computing, and RAID applications while ensuring data integrity in case of power outages, without the need for a battery.

SONOS features:

  • Compatibility with standard CMOS technologies.
  • High endurance.
  • Low power.
  • Radiation hardness.
  • Ability to run in Cypress’s internal fab and in multiple foundry partner locations.
  • Scalability and manufacturability: Cypress has shipped over one billion units that employ the SONOS process technology utilized in the nvSRAMs.

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