SEMI-GAS Systems (Malvern, PA) offers a controller-activated cylinder connection cover that enhances safety in gas delivery environments. Auto-Guard protects gas technicians from exposure to hazardous production materials as well as the integrity of process gas and related equipment by controlling access to active gas cylinder connections. SEMI-GAS Systems’ Auto-Guard:

  • Enhances specialty gas operations by preventing accidental disconnection of a hazardous gas cylinder from a gas source manifold.
  • Features an extended shroud that indicates if it is unsafe to attempt to disconnect a cylinder and prevents access to the CGA or DISS nut.
  • Features a retracted shroud that indicates if the system is in a safe state, allowing the operator access for disconnection.
  • Remains in a retracted position until a cylinder change and/or leak test has been successfully completed.
  • Is 100% pneumatically actuated and does not include any springs or mechanical components.

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