Typical opening display showing Waveform Creator “drag & drop” windows for selecting, aggregating and outputting the created waveform.Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) introduced the M9099 Waveform Creator, a modular software application that supports analog and digital modulation formats, for the Agilent M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator.

The trend in electronics toward higher data rates and wider bandwidths means designers must create complex signals to verify their design and measure how the device performs in real-world situations. The difficulty of creating testing environments for thorough evaluation is becoming exponentially more challenging for everything from proprietary radar systems to complex commercial multi-channel, multi-emitter communication systems.

Typically the assembly of such waveforms requires designers to aggregate multiple tools and waveform formats, leaving the user with the task of waveform timing alignment, resampling to different carrier frequencies and sample rates, and waveform validation.

Display showing multiple digitally modulated signals combined into composite output waveform.M9099 Waveform Creator is the latest addition to Agilent’s growing lineup of modular PXI and AXIe products. Agilent’s SystemVue software (a focused design automation environment for electronic system-level design) and its 89600 VSA software (a comprehensive set of tools for signal demodulation and vector signal analysis) work together in the M9099 Waveform Creator environment. Features include the following:


  • A simple, open, and expandable environment that increases productivity and speeds time to deployment through superior connectivity with design and modelling software.
  • A design to support customers who need to create and manage the assembly of custom waveforms for developing and testing defense electronics, military radios, and next-generation wireless communication devices.
  • Ability to create individual segments using available waveform plug-ins or user-created plug-ins. Assembling a signal is a matter of dragging and dropping waveform segments into tracks and modifying the segment Overall M9099 block diagram showing available input plug-ins, core framework, and output plug-ins.attributes with user-definable parameters.
  • Noise, IQ impairments, and pre-corrections can be customized for the aggregated waveform as needed. The signal is downloaded to the M9381A PXI VSG or a waveform file. During each step Waveform Creator automatically recalculates the final waveform and displays the result prior to download.

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