The Triggered Timer Relay from WAGO Corporation (Germantown, WI) supports E-stop circuitry within space-restricted panels. Upon E-Stop activation, the falling edge of a trigger signal initiates the 859-477’s off-delay timer for sequential shutdown. The device’s four highly adjustable time delay ranges enable a PLC to log the stopped position of all components. This helps provide smooth and efficient restart of intricate machinery, such as that found in material handling and packaging. Features include:

  • 12-turn potentiometer augments two side-mount DIP switches that select time ranges of: 0.5s–2s, 1.0s–12.0s, 5.0s–90s and 50s–12 minutes.
  • Unique top-mount potentiometer enables users to fine-tune time delay settings without removing 859-477 from DIN-rail.
  • 6 mm-wide relay housing, making it one of the market’s most compact.
  • Top-mount LED indicates switching status of the electromechanical single-pole, single-throw Normally Open relay output.
  • Operating temperature range of 0° to +40°C and 6 A max contacts.
  • Vibration-resistant, maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP Spring Pressure Technology ensures long-term signal integrity.

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