Megger (Norristown, PA) now offers a new handheld test set that combines all the functions needed for fast and comprehensive testing during telecommunication installations. With a touch of a button, the compact HT1000/2 performs many of the 26 essential tests between the technician’s central office and the subscriber’s location. The new easy-to-use instrument, with an intuitive menu system, is ideal for maintenance technicians who perform critical telecommunications testing. By testing both voice and data circuits during copper-wire installations, the HT1000/2 provides a means for certifying the physical layer of the telephone network and its xDSL transmission characteristics as well as the Home Phoneline Network Alliance (HPNA) data/video networks. Features include:

  • Megger’s automatic Super Stress mode, helping to identify the most difficult short loop imbalances during longitudinal balance testing. 
  • DC bias to help uncover faults caused by corrosion.
  • A dual-trace time-domain reflectometer (TDR) with a range of 16,000 meters.
  • Wideband spectrum analyzer that is useful in identifying the type of noise affecting a circuit under test. 
  • Analyzer covers frequencies from 20 kHz to 30 MHz and noise amplitudes from -90 dBm to +10 dBm.

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