Gravotech (Charlotte, NC) and ORIDAO have developed a solution combining high-quality Part Marking and RFID authentication. The objective is to provide secured and dynamic traceability: Augmented Traceability. Concerning hardware, both Direct Part Marking and marking on the identification plate are possible. The RFID chip can be embedded in the plate or applied directly unto the part.

This unique design is based on a secure RFID Anti-Counterfeiting and Lifecycle Tracking system; Augmented Traceability data stored on the Tag - part production, supply chain path and maintenance while in service - is digitally signed by the Tag itself, preventing any corruption or modification. Features include:

  • Patented RFID system developed by ORIDAO.
  • Published cryptographic protocol, validated by independent academic and institutional third parties.
  • Unclonable tags.
  • Fully compatible with the EPC UHF Gen2 standard.

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