Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) recently introduced Truevolt Series digital multimeters at the annual ASEE Conference and Exposition. The new Agilent DMMs can help students and engineers see their measurement data in new ways, get actionable information faster and document their results more easily. Exclusive Truevolt technology reduces extraneous factors such as noise, injected current and input bias current for increased measurement confidence. The Agilent family of value-priced oscilloscopes is ideally suited for the classroom environment and include the entry-level 1000 Series and the 2000X, 3000X, 4000X and 9000 Series scopes. Features include:

  • Next-generation teaching lab bench with oscilloscopes.
  • Low-noise power sources.
  • Electronics lab teaching kit.
  • Trueform waveform generator.
  • New Truevolt digital multimeter.

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