American Sensor Technologies (AST) has released the AST4530 PVDF / PTFE submersible pressure transducer. Intended for liquid level measurement of corrosive liquids in which stainless steel or titanium cannot survive, the AST4530 is designed to offer excellent long-term survivability and stability. All materials exposed to the sensor are optimized for compatibility, including the PVDF cable and seal.

Through the latest sensing technologies, the changes in pressure are transmitted through a PTFE diaphragm and converted to an output signal using ASIC electronics. Submersible pressure transducers offer some flexibility in comparison to ultrasonic and radar level sensors. Vapors generated from the liquid will not affect the sensing element of a submersible pressure transducer, since it is designed for optimal compatibility. Foaming or reflections of the liquid will not generate false readings, because the sensor measures liquid pressure based on specific gravity. AST4530 submersible transducers are vented to atmosphere through the cable for optimal accuracy. Features include:

  • Measurement ranges from 0-2.5 PSI up to 30 PSI.
  • 1-5V and 0.5-4.5V ratiometric for low current consumption applications.
  • 4-20mA output signals for distance transmissions.
  • A standard 1" NPT male conduit connection, to be used in turbulent tank installations.

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