Agilent Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) has announced source/monitor unit (SMU) and software enhancements to its B1500A semiconductor device analyzer, the industry’s leading semiconductor parameter analyzer. The new B1514A 50-µs pulse medium-current SMU gives a faster pulse at 30V/1A range plus oscilloscope-like viewing. The new B1511B medium-power SMU delivers 0.1 fA low-current measurement capability at a lower price with an optional atto-sense switch unit. The latest EasyEXPERT 5.5 software enables remote test without complex programming, using more than 300 ready-to-use application tests in addition to manual operation.

Agilent has consistently delivered parametric test performance and value since early1980, when the company introduced the world’s first digital parametric analyzer. In keeping with this tradition, the new B1500A supports all aspects of characterization for IV (0.1 fA – 1 A/0.5 µV – 200 V), capacitance (1 kHz – 5 MHz) and ultra-fast pulsed/transient IV measurement down to ns order. Features include:

  • Faster pulsed measurements using the B1514A, a 50 µs pulse medium-current SMU.
  • The enhanced analyzer enables a pulsed measurement down to 50 µs pulse width.
  • Low current measurement down to 0.1 fA at lower cost, using the new B1511B medium-power SMU with an atto-sense and switch unit.
  • Easy device characterization with EasyEXPERT 5.5.

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