RFMW, Ltd. (San Jose, CA) has announced the discrete 600-Micron GaAs pHEMT FET. The TGF2060 from TriQuint Semiconductor is constructed without via holes thereby allowing for self-biasing and eliminating the need for a negative supply voltage. Features include:

  • Availability in a 0.41 x 0.34 x 0.10 mm chip.
  • TriQuint’s 0.25um pHEMT process, which optimizes power and efficiency at high drain bias operating conditions.
  • 28 dBm P1 dB with 12 dB associated gain.
  • Power added efficiency of 55%.
  • A silicon nitride, protective overcoat layer.
  • Applicability in military, hi-rel defense and aerospace, test and measurement, and commercial broadband amplifiers.

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