M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM) (Lowell, MA) has introduced its series of GaN in Plastic packaged power transistors for high-performance civilian and military radar and communications systems. Scaling to peak pulse power levels of 100W – the highest among competing components in this product category – MACOM’s GaN in Plastic transistors defy the power, size and weight limitations of competing ceramic-packaged offerings to enable a new generation of high performance, ultra compact military and civilian radar systems. As a result, customers can use these products to provide new capabilities and take advantage of the total system cost reductions associated with size, weight, and cooling requirements. Features include:

  • Operates at 50V drain bias.
  • Smaller impedance matching circuits.
  • Smaller energy storage capacitors and lower current draw.
  • 90W power transistor demonstrates less than 115⁰C junction temperature .
  • Pulsed power output of 93W.
  • 1mS pulse and 10% duty cycle on standard Rogers board material.

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