As substitutes for Ethernet cabling, WAGO Corporation's (Germantown, WI) new IP65 WLAN Wireless Ethernet Gateways economize machine-to-machine networking. WAGO's WEG devices replace Ethernet network cables by pairing with each other or an Access Point of the same radio technology. The 758-916 (2.4 GHz) and 758-917 (5 GHz) Wireless Ethernet Gateways (WEGS) transmit data up to 1,300 ft (400M) line-of-sight, and feature:

  • Applicability in motion-intensive, "disconnected" mobile or hard-to-connect packaging, construction, and energy production machinery.
  • A streamlined IP65 housing.
  • An Integrated antenna (circularly polarized for heavily metallic environments).
  • Enclosure-free installation in industrial environments.
  • On-unit LEDs that provide at-a-glance diagnostics/operational status updates.
  • A push-button and Web-based Management tool that simplifies configuration.
  • Robust M12 cables that provide power and Ethernet connectivity.

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