NTE Electronics (Bloomfield, NJ) is offering a full line of high quality multi-conductor cable. Providing safe, reliable, high-performance data transmission, this type of cable is widely used in many different applications such as computer peripherals, robotics, PA systems, intercom systems, remote control circuits, and more. NTE’s multi-conductor cable greatly improves soldering connections as well as making termination handling easier due to its extra flexible stranding. Features include:

  • Availability in 100-foot spools in unshielded (2, 3, or 4 conductor) PVC or shielded (2 or 3 conductor) Polyethylene featuring a foil shield. 
  • A chrome gray PVC jacket.
  • 18 & 22 gauges.
  • An operating temperature range from 20 to +75°C.
  • UL approval and RoHS compliance
  • A working voltage of 300 V.
  • A tinned copper conductor that provides corrosive resistance.

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