Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) has introduced the SR05 Series TVS Diode Array – SPA Diodes, designed to protect telecommunication and industrial equipment against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning-induced surge events. Each channel or I/O pin can safely absorb up to 25 A and repeated ESD strikes without performance degradation. Features include:

  • Applicability in high-speed interfaces such as T1/E1/T3/E3 lines, Ethernet 10BaseT lines, WAN/LAN equipment, ISDN S/T interfaces, video lines, microcontroller inputs, USB1.1 ports, etc.
  • A low dynamic resistance of 0.3 Ω.
  • A low capacitance of 6 pF from I/O to GND.
  • Robust surge protection that includes lightning, IEC61000-4-5, 25 A (8/20 µs) and a peak pulse power of 450 W (8/20 µs).
  • Enhanced ESD capability.

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