The new GAW113 acoustic vent from W. L. Gore & Associates’ (Elkton, MD) Portable Electronic Vents group is designed to provide dust and splash protection for acoustic openings in portable electronic devices such as scanners, two-way radios, tablet and laptop PCs, and other devices where reliable performance is essential. The new GAW113 vents:

  • Are a proprietary non-woven composite material that adheres to the acoustic openings.
  • Provide a water spray efficiency of 90%.
  • Capture particulates as small as 5 microns (µm).
  • Are a dark gray in color to provide a neutral complement to device designs.
  • Have a thickness of only 0.47 mm.
  • Feature an improved spray resistance to IP54 testing, and a thinner profile and < 2dB of acoustic transmission loss.

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