iWatt Inc. (Campbell, CA) has expanded its PrimAccurate pulse width modulation (PWM) controller platform to include two new power adapter chipsets that offer the company’s fastest standby recovery. The iW1766 + iW628 and iW1767 + iW628 chipsets provide:

  • Ultra-low, <10 mW standby power @ up to 12 W output power and <2 0mW standby @ up to 24 W output power (respectively).
  • An ultra-fast “wake-up” signal to the primary-side regulator in the event of a sudden power load change.
  • iWatt’s patented “normally OFF” technology to eliminate the bias current associated with conventional secondary-side controllers.
  • A proposed stringent 2012 U.S. DoE(2)regulation requiring under 100 mW AC-DC adapter standby power consumption.
  • A 8-lead SOIC package.

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