B&K Precision (Yorba Linda, CA) has announced its new MDL Series, a modular programmable DC electronic load system. The MDL Series comprises six unique modules ranging in power from 200 to 600 W. Any combination of these modules can be installed for multi-channel operation in the 4-slot MDL Series mainframe, which supports up to 2400 W and up to 4800 W with a mainframe extension connected. Additional features include:

  • Applicability in automotive, solar, and electronics manufacturing.
  • Operating voltage and current ranges up to 500 V and 120 A.
  • A 250 W dual-channel module supporting flexible power allocation up to 300 W.
  • A high-resolution, 16-bit measurement system.
  • Adjustable current slew rates in CC mode.
  • Transient mode operation up to 25 kHz.

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