Anritsu Company (Morgan Hill, CA) introduces multi-band receivers for its Link Master drive test tools that offer field engineers, technicians, and consultants a complete drive test system for locating interference and ensuring optimum wireless network operation. The Link Master tools and multi-band receivers create a powerful solution that helps users quickly determine and correct network problems, and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The multi-band receivers:

  • Scan and collect data in designated bands and standards in parallel with gathering network-dependent UE data.
  • Store the data in Link Master LML Air Interface Logging Tools.
  • Complement Link Master.
  • Provide wireless service providers, network equipment manufacturers’ installation and operations groups, and third-party contractors with the analysis tools necessary for today’s field testing environments.
  • Provide analysis of the data collected via the Link Master LML and the multi-band receivers.
  • Features a highly efficient database engine that allows users to perform quick analysis and have fast response times to queries.

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