WAGO Corporation’s (Germantown, WI) picoMAX eCOM Pinstrip Pluggable Terminal Blocks support OEMs manufacturing automation, test/measurement and process electronics. New to the picoMAX PCB Connector family, the value-driven eCOM provides additional efficiency and usability by eliminating the pin housing. Push-in (solid and ferruled conductors), and push-button terminations (stranded conductors) expedite high-density PCB manufacturing and installation. For PCB maintenance, picoMAX eCOM is removable like a pluggable connector is — no costly rewiring. Features include:

  • A Cr-Ni CAGE CLAMPS stainless steel spring clamps conductors and connects the header pin.
  • A truncated contact bridge that minimizes contact resistance.
  • Conductors of 24–12 AWG.
  • Ratings up to 15 A/300 V.
  • Availability in 2–12 poles for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-wire, and panel feedthrough designs.

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