WAGO Corporation’s (Germantown, WI) SPEEDWAY 767 I/O-SYSTEM features three Sercos-Compatible modules with hardware delay times of less than 10 ms. The 767-3806 8DI, 767-4808 8DO (0.1A) and 767-5401 DIO (0.2A) modules are engineered for the “hard, real-time” requirements of motion control-based automation. Companions to WAGO’s SPEEDWAY Sercos Coupler, the modules support high-speed packaging sensors and actuators, e.g, solenoids/valves (output modules) and proximity switches (input modules). Features include:

  • 4 shielded M12 ports that prevent EMC interference.
  • Inversion, simulation, and diagnostics functions.
  • 8DI module with filter (10, 25, 50, 100, and 200µs, 1 and 3ms, as well as “filter OFF”).
  • 8DO module with substitute value strategy and manual mode.
  • 4DIO module with operating mode, counter, filter, substitute value strategy and manual.
  • A max 1,650 foot node extension.

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