Richardson RFPD, Inc. (LaFox, IL) has announced immediate availability and full design support capabilities for a new CloudGate M2M gateway from Option. The CG0192-11897 CloudGate M2M gateway provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single SKU unit that utilizes the Option Gobi3000 multi-mode module, and is certified on all major US cellular operators (CDMA/EV-DO and WCDMA/HSPA+. The CloudGate automatically resolves problems associated with wireless M2M connectivity and incorporates two hardware expansion slots for RS232 and WiFi functionality. Key features include:

  • Supports the 800-850/900/1900/2100 MHz and AWS (1700/2100 MHz) frequency bands.
  • Automatic connection monitoring and error recovery.
  • Secure, redundant firmware and configuration images.
  • Unique software and hardware configuration flexibility.
  • Automatic provisioning of custom middleware.

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