Pulse Electronics Corporation (San Diego, CA) [NYSE: PULS] has announced that it has developed a tunable, co-located LTE antenna structure. The developed structure contains two, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) antennas in the same end of one device to provide 9 frequency bands of functionality in a volume of just 3.20 cubic centimeters. Called mCOMET, this tunable metal ring antenna configuration is for use in smart phones using RF chips with a two-pole, double-throw (2PDT) antenna switch and metal ring feature. Features include:

  • A metal chassis housing with a dielectric antenna carrier and antenna volume of 10 x 74 x 5 mm³.
  • A min ground clearance on the printed circuit board of 2 times 30 x 8 mm for the 2 antennas together.
  • Frequency bands for both antennas are a low band of 698-960 MHz and high bands of 1,710-2,170 MHz and 2,500-2,690 MHz.
  • A low band envelope correlation coefficient of below 0.5.
  • RoHS compliance.

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