Acopian (Easton, PA) has announced the availability of new options to enhance the functionality of its Low-Profile Family of AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies. Boasting a height of only 1.7”, the UL recognized, CE certified low-profile family consists of 1 U format 720 W single-output AC-DC and DC-DC  and 750 W wide-adjust output AC-DC and DC-DC models. The high power density and flexibility of the models ensures minimal power loss in end-use equipment, thereby facilitating higher reliability, and easier thermal management. Additional features include:

  • Availability with a thermostatically controlled fan.
  • An output blocking protection diode for battery charging or redundant applications. 
  • 3-phase 208 VAC or 170-240 VAC (60-400 Hz) input voltage.
  • A 15 VDC/100 mA auxiliary voltage.   
  • Provisions for N+1 redundancy and paralleling for higher current are also optional. 
  • Both voltage and current are programmable with 0-10 V control voltage inputs. 
  • Built-in over voltage protection (OVP), "soft start" and "no load" operation, short-circuit and overload protection, thermal protection, internal EMI filtering, RFI shielding, and remote sensing.
  • A wide input voltage range of 90-265 VAC (49-240 Hz) or 110-350 VDC. 

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