VARTA Microbattery (White Plains, NY) has announced the new mercury-free, primary Nickel Zinc (NiOOH) Battery Systems. VARTA Microbattery's nickel zinc cells are developed as an ideal cost effective and highly reliable substitute to conventional primary silver oxide (Ag2O) button cells. The cells are manufactured with high quality raw materials, unparalleled leakage protection, size, shape, and quality standards equivalent to VARTA Microbattery's popular mercury-free primary SR Silver Oxide (Ag2O) System. Features include:

  • As nickel zinc cell pricing is not tied to the volatility inherent in the silver market, end product pricing for retailers and OEMs is not adversely effected by material cost fluctuations.
  • International IEC 60086-3 compliance.
  • A voltage level of 1.65 V.
  • A capacity from 8 to 130 mAh.
  • Heights ranging from 2.10 to 5.4 mm.
  • Weights from 0.23 to 2.33 g.  T
  • A stable discharge curve, good pulse load behavior, and an EOL detection feature for watch applications.

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